How to receive a stone for the Healing Wall

Before you commit your native stone to the Healing Wall, invite the spirit of that stone to participate in the creation of the Healing Wall by asking its permission. Here are the simple steps to follow:

1. Go to a quiet place, stone in hand. The ideal is the natural setting where the stone resides. Natural settings include all elements (air, fire, water, wood,) and the metal you hold in your hand. Your attention creates a sixth element, ether, and your intention, a seventh element, consciousness.

2. Choose a place to sit and set the rock on the ground in front of you.

3. Focus your own Mind through gentle breathing. Hold your mind on your breath, thinking only of the breath, until you can observe the inhalation and exhalation of your own breathing.

4. Pick up the stone with your right hand and place it in your left, moving your attention from your breath to the stone as you do so. Rest your attention on the stone. Be with it, harmonizing through receiving its character and beauty.

5. Ask your question quietly, "May I give you to the Healing Wall at the Peace Dome?" You are asking permission to be the means of conveyance for this to manifest.

6. Holding your mind still so you might receive the stone Spirit's answer. The spirits speak in many ways so keep your mind focused, clear, and free so you will recognize the answer when you receive it.

When the answer is given, you will know what action to perform and the wisdom of the elders will be yours.•

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The Healing Wall at the Peace Dome
College of Metaphysics
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