Universal Hour of Peace 2011

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Every December 31st at 11:30 p.m. across the midnight hour to January 1st at 12:30 a.m. in every time zone on the planet, people spend this hour, the Universal Hour of Peace, dedicated to bringing peace to life in their own, determined way. The Universal Hour of Peace has been proclaimed by Governors and Mayors across the United States of America as well as heads of states around the world.
Here's how the 2010-2011 Hour was celebrated in SOM cities.

What happens when people gather to celebrate an hour of


in Chicago... We started out the evening thinking of and singing songs about peace. Our School Director, Diana Kenney, and I were adding the finishing touches to details in preparation for our guests of the evening. As she printed lyrics for a song, I was adding the final details to our “peace tree.” The thought for the tree originally was to add leaves to a tree that would be made of craft material. Instead, we rescued a silk tree from our school center, cleaned it, and fortified it by adding more leaves to it. As I was adding the leaves I was imagining the tree full of peace cranes, which is what was decided .....more

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“Meditating with others changed the dynamics of my meditation for the better,” noted Chad Chumley, a criminal justice student who attended the event. “I am so glad that I could come and be part of something so important that aids humanity to attain greater peace.” more
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